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Heather Hoelting, Principal Agent, CISR  

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Hello and welcome to my website! My hope is that you’ll find the information you need quickly & accurately. The world of insurance can be confusing and I’m here to guide you through it every step of the way.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, I have been a licensed insurance agent since 1998 when I first began working for an insurance company in Aurora, CO. I have branched out to many areas in the insurance industry over the past two decades.  

I was raised in Florida & returned to my hometown after living in Colorado for several years. While in Florida, I was hired by FEMA as an Independent Contractor to work in a disaster center after Hurricane Ivan hit the coastal cities of Pensacola & Gulf Breeze. The aftermath of the hurricane was devastating as it destroyed entire neighborhoods with 20 foot tidal waves. I worked 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, assisting over 300 people a day who had suffered incredible losses. Few agents I know have worked so closely with disaster victims on such a personal level. This life altering event forever changed the course of my career as an insurance professional. Since then, serving my customers so they have the best protection possible has been the focus of my career. I have personally seen how an insurance check can restore people’s lives so they can rebuild what they lost and more importantly, how it can also restore hope.

I moved back to Colorado, but this time to Colorado Springs. I had the experience of another devastating disaster; The Waldo Canyon Fire. I myself lived in the Mountain Shadows area at the time of the fire. I experienced the terror of evacuating & watching houses go up in flames that terrible night in June. I didn’t lose my home like some of my neighbors, but three of my insureds’ did. We spent months working with the Carrier & the contractors until the claims were settled. Again, few agents I know have ever experienced this type of natural disaster as I have. My experience in Florida with the victims of Hurricane Ivan helped me understand all of the issues the victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire were dealing with. Now the communities affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire have rebuilt their homes & their lives with the help from their insurance companies.

I’m married to Scott Hoelting & a proud mother of three children who attend schools in District 20. As parents we’re both active in their school activities & after school activities. We both also contribute to local community charity programs. Even though I was raised in the Panhandle of Florida, I prefer the mountains of Colorado. As a family, we often go on hikes, camp, fish, ski, and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. My hobbies are bird watching & wildlife photography.

I’m very involved in my profession as well as my children’s lives.  I’m a member Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Colorado Springs. I surround myself with professional, like-minded individuals who are leaders in their community.

My commitment to my clients is the number one priority for my professional career & Agency. I serve as a guide, an educator, a consultant to navigate clients through the insurance maze. My job is to protect my clients from disasters destroying their lives and their hope. I work with all of my clients at a personal level to assess their needs then find the right product to protect them that’s within their budget.